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Colombian-American Mom Running to be 1st Latina to Serve on the Fairfax Board of Supervisors in VA

by | Dec 21, 2018 | News

I live in Fairfax County, Northern Virginia. We have the largest Democratic population in the state and some of the most prosperous zip codes in the nation. Our growth during the past decade has been unprecedented and our projections are even more spectacular; however, during the same time period we have seen our children attend class in trailers at overcrowded schools; families can’t keep up with high housing costs, and traffic steals precious time away from productivity and life enjoyment;  pedestrians have no place to walk, plastic waste pollutes streets and water streams… We are ready for a change.

About me: Growing up in Colombia was tough. War was too close to me several times and I decided at an early age that I wanted to alleviate hardship around me.

I was a latchkey child of divorced parents who cooked at age 8 and babysat at age 9 after my teenage sister gave birth. She worked so hard. My father worked so hard. I worked so hard. Attended school and frequently helped behind the counter at my father’s shop throughout my youth. Good grades and scholarships afforded me going to a top university in Bogota, but nearing graduation I was a victim of a sexual assault and decided to leave for a while.

Erika and her daughter making holiday treats.

Erika and her daughter making holiday treats.

I raised funds to travel to the UK where I learned English in two years, all the while working as a waitress to support myself and volunteering for Human Rights campaigns at Amnesty International.

After that, I came to Washington D.C. where I found an internship, volunteer work helping at-risk youth and also found love. I left for Colombia to complete my two bachelors in International Relations and Political Science & Government, and obtained graduate studies in Political Management and Governance. After this, I returned to D.C. in 2007 to answer a life-changing proposal. I married the best guy ever (second to dad, RIP).

Since moving permanently to America 11 years ago, I do voluntary work where I see a need and have become successful at juggling full-time employment, motherhood, and multiple board responsibilities with civic organizations, working for a better locality and for a better world.

This country was built by passionate and hardworking immigrants like you, your predecessors and me. We have much to give and I am ready and pumped to advance my community towards a governing body that will include a Latina for the first time in history! I am eager to address transportation, environmental, education and housing challenges for a more equitable and whole American dream for all. I know I can tackle this challenge head-on and every bit of support I find along the way is yet another motivation to work.

Working as a Democratic Precinct Captain since 2014

Working as a Democratic Precinct Captain since 2014

I’m a proud American and you can find more about this effort at Providence District encompasses the urban centers of Tysons Corner, Dunn Loring and Merrifield, as well as the traditional family home neighborhoods of Mantua, Oakton, Woodburn, Idylwood, parts of Vienna and Falls Church, Virginia. My primary election will be in June of 2019 and I will be the first Latinx immigrant to ever be elected to this governing board in history!

If you are inclined to support this campaign all donations are greatly appreciated.

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